Kygo, a

Ironically Electronic/EDM artist "Kygo,a" has had two hits on Billboards "Classical Digital Songs" (even though they are only 1/2 classical so to speak) - "Midnight Flight of the Bumble Bee" charted #1 on 2/17/18 and "Midnight by Moonlight Sonata" charted #3 on 1/13/18.

About herself "Kygo, a" states:

I'm from Asia, but half Norwegian. My name is Ak***, but don't call me that. I don't like it. My friends call me Kygo - but now that other guy has my name :) - so just call me "A. Kygo" or "Kygo, a" or "a Kygo". just don't call me "Ak***" :)