Piano Jams 900652-VM-GHH


Here are the first three Piano Jams by Billboard charting artist G.H. Hat.

"So I am always asked, "Why Ode to Kygo"? Well, the back story of this "Ode to Kygo" series is that "Kygo, a" assisted me on the first Piano Jam and plays second piano on the others. Well we always have some late-night KFC... and her name is Kygo.... and that other Kygo guy does Piano Jams too... and with all this "Kygo" going on How could I refuse? (But if you still don't get it see urban dictionary Definition 2 for "Kygo" : ) > "2. Late night run to Kentucky Fried Chicken for chicken on the go." [bit.ly/KygoKFC] )- We've kept up the tradition and these are indeed "Odes to Kygo"".

- G.H. Hat

These are the highest quality/high definition 44.1 Khz WAV files (higher quality than almost all of the online stores which sell 256kbps AAC versions).

You will get 3 WAV (40.5MB - 43.3MB) files


  1. Piano Jam (Ode to Kygo)
  2. Piano Jam 2 (Ode to Kygo)
  3. Piano Jam 3 (Ode to Kygo)